Man Recalls Seeing Massive Object in Sky Over Detroit.

Location of Sighting: Detroit, Michigan
Date of Sighting: Summary or Early Fall, 1983 to 1985
Time of Sighting: Daytime

Description: When I was a boy in my early years there was a sighting of a UFO in Detroit. It wasn’t at night. It happened during the day. The object was massive. It was too large to be manufactured by human beings. It was like having a sports stadium fly over you. It was also covered in spires or antennae. Anyway, it flew over the Lodge Freeway near Greenfield and 8 mile road. My entire family saw it along with thousands who called the police, National Guard and TV stations. I have never found a substantive record of this event. Have you ever heard of this flyover? If not, is there anyone who might be aware if it that you know?

Response of Witness to Questions: I was pretty young thing so I couldn’t give an exact date. It was in the summer or early fall, in the mid 80’s (1983-1985).

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  1. Claudia says:

    My mom met a guy who saw something similar to what you describe. It was in the same date range. The location was Michigan 24, between Lapeer and Oxford. He was driving his kids home from a sports event. It was the size of 3 football fields.

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