Man Recalls Sighting of a Gigantic Triangular Craft.

Location of Sighting: Astoria Park, New York
Date of Sighting: August or September, 1991
Time of Sighting: Afternoon

Description: The year was 1991 on an August or September afternoon when I saw a sun like sphere about five meters in diameter. The sphere was of amber color and was crossing over the “Manhattan landscape” south to north. Also I saw a boomerang radiant blue color traveling in the same direction and at relatively low speed. Together with my older brother(Astoria Park, NY). My older brother saw a spark in the northwestern sky. He asked me if I saw it pointing me in the direction in the sky. When we focused on it, he told me what is that strange airplane! Then I told him that is not an airplane it is an outer space craft. Just few seconds passed when that gigantic ship passed over us making absolutely no noise. I dropped on my knees praying to God for protection (my brother was more calmed). The ship had an isosceles triangle shape. In the back it had two exhaust outlets (but not igniting). On the left side it had a row of windows orange in color. The color of the ship was dark grey. The TV news in English and Spanish reported that people from California to Argentina saw the same ship. I remember the commentary made by a man in California: He said “in one wing of that mother ship fit dozens of B2’s.

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