Man Recalls Sighting Slow Flying Black Cylindrical Object.

Location of Sighting: Sacramento, California
Date of Sighting: Summer, 1948 or 1949
Time of Sighting: 1 to 2 PM

Description: Around 1948 or 1949 I was standing in my grandmother’s backyard in North Sacramento, near Hagginwood Park. McLelland Air Base and Mather Air Base were close by and I was used to seeing all sorts of WW-II aircraft fly over our house as we were in the flight pattern of both these bases. I even saw a flying wing fly over one day, so I knew the air craft types and models, often by their sound; like a P-51. On this one day I was just standing out in the yard alone, and I happened to look up and saw an object flying slowly through the sky. I want to say it was about a half mile from me, but can’t say what altitude, but judging from what I remember of it’s distance above the horizon it was maybe a thousand feet maybe two. The thing I remember most was that there was something falling off the back end of the object that disappeared as it fell toward the ground. Later on when I was in the Navy I worked with Liquid Oxygen and liquid oxygen disappeared in the same manner when it was exposed to warm atmosphere. I watched the object as it flew slowly and silently across the sky. I’m thinking it was going from southeast to northwest. As the object flew over the eaves of the house I lost sight of it and I ran around to the front of the house to continue watching it. As I ran I called my Grandmother and told her to come outside because there was something weird flying in the sky, but she didn’t come out. When I got around to the front of the house, the object was gone. Some people say it was a little boy’s imagination, but I know what I saw and it was nothing like what the Army Air Corp had in operation then or now. It had no wings and made no sound. I have often wondered if anyone else saw it because it was daylight and flying right over a heavily populated area; North Sacramento/Del Paso Heights.

Second Report From Witness (In Response to Questions): William, I was 8 years old and it was over 60 years ago. It was in the day time, I believe in the early afternoon like maybe one or two O’clock. I believe it was in the summer because the sun was shining and it was a clear day. It was in the spring or Summer. The sun shined a lot in Sacramento in those days before so much air pollution. The Cylinder shaped object looked black to me, but the thing I remember the most was the stuff falling off the back end of it. Because I have seen a UFO that was not a light or a blur or some sort of “Maybe” thing, I have been interested in them since I was a kid. But there is so much phony stuff out there it is hard to tell the wheat from the chaff. All I know is that I saw something that could not have possibly been man made and it flew quite a ways before it disappeared behind the edge of the house. I never saw it again. It wasn’t winter time and I don’t believe it was fall. I’m sure it was summer. I saw on TV recently a program about a UFO incident at an air force base in Britain. One of the airmen said that he saw an object take off and fly and some stuff was falling away from it and disappearing; at least that’s a close approximation of what he said. I feel sort of exonerated by that. I have taken a lot of kidding over the years. The thing I have wondered about lately is if this was a UFO that could fly through the air that easy and disappear so quickly in our atmosphere it must have the capability to land. No telling what that could lead to. I’m not jumping to conclusions. I was a cop for thirty years and I deal in facts. I know what I saw and I’m sticking to that, and only that. Hope that helps.

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