Man Recounts Years of Family Alien Encounters.

Location of Encounters: Thunder Bay (& London), Ontario
Dates of Encounters: Latest – August 14, 2015 & Several in the Years Before

Description: About 8 years or so ago I reported a UFO in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada at Trowbridge Falls camping ground.

That was the first time I reported a UFO sighting. But it was not my first time I witnessed One. I have quite an experience that I want to share, but I am scared. I am an engineer for an underground mining operation outside Thunder Bay. I have a lot of people’s lives depending on me being of sound mind and character every day. However there has been some circumstances that have been brought to my attention tonight. Something that proves what I have been going through since I was a child, is true.

All of this will be much easier to explain over the phone. Because I am still coming to terms with it as of right now, I will go into a little bit of detail. When I was a kid in London, Ontario, I remember walking home one evening from a friend’s house around the corner. It was summer. Two kids older than me where walking by me. I could tell they where panicked. I heard them say I can’t believe it, it’s a spaceship. For some reason I asked them what they where talking about and they pointed up. There was a large round UFO in the sky that had smaller round craft flying in around it. I don’t know how big it was, but I remember being very scared because of how it looked. The small craft around it was what we call orbs now. I remember them being red. I was so scared that I ran up the street to my house. I told my mother and my step dad about it, but they played it off as no big deal.

I had sleep paralysis that night. I remember it clearly because it was the first time it happened. There where dark figures next to my bed. I was lifted into the air and I remember literally bouncing off my mattress as if I was dropped from my ceiling. I woke up and ran out of my room into my parents and slept in there. I was having dreams of aliens every night, but I don’t think they were dreams. Since that night I have had encounters with ET my entire life.

Now this sounds nuts I know. But tonight I was talking to my mother on the phone. The conversation went like this. Did your wife tell you what happened to me last night? I said she told me you had a night terror. She said I think it’s more than that. Ever since you where born I have been having something happen to me. Somehow I knew what she was going to say. She said she wakes up paralysed and can feel something getting into bed with her. And last night she finally was able to remember its face. She said it was a tan colored alien. My blood ran cold, because I know exactly what she was talking about. I asked her to google grey alien and she told me that is what it is. She told me she has been having encounters since before I was born. When she found out she was pregnant with me, she told me she woke up in the middle of the night terrified and felt someone grab her hand and hold it tight. She said even though she was scared and couldn’t see who it was, she felt it was to comfort her.

She also went into detail about when I had my first encounter in London that her and my step dad were on the couch watching TV. The next thing they knew it was morning, with no recollection of the night before, and the house looked like it was gone through. It was like there was a fight and things were thown all over.

She said it happens at least once a year or so that she wakes up in the middle of the night unable to move and that there is something in the room in the bed with her.

While I was at work today she touched on this with my wife. I can forward you the text messages if you would like, but she went into greater detail with me. I told her that I still have experiences and that I cannot sleep without a light on near by and I told her some things that have happened to me that my wife has witnessed, and now my daughter.

In February of this year, my 7 year old daughter and I were outside at about 8 PM in the yard playing in the snow. There was a buzzing sound, like electrical sounding. She said to me, we have to go inside, the people in the plane are coming. I shook my head no, because I knew that sound. I have woken up to it in my home during sleep paralysis. I didn’t say what i was thinking. But we came in the house and I asked her to draw me a picture of “the people in the plane.” I felt tears in my eyes when she drew it because I knew right then that she is going through what I did at her age. She drew a picture of a grey alien and also a symbol she said she was shown. I was very careful in my questions. I asked her if she was telling me the truth, even though I already knew she was. I took a picture of what she drew. I asked her when she had seen it. She told me a lot, and that one time she went with it because I told her it was alright. I was very freaked out when she said this. I asked what do you mean and I said it was alright? She said I was with them.

I know this sounds insane and I am sorry for such the long email. I have just touched on this with you. There is so much more I would like to discuss with you.

If you have the time, please email me back. I have some questions.

Note: Generations of family UFO (and alien) encounters have been reported and are not uncommon. However, it is really difficult to do much with these reports. Without forensic evidence (photos, videos, trace evidence and audio recordings) there really isn’t anything to analyze.

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