Man Says He Saw 2 Beings Walk Out of a Circular UFO.

Location of Sighting: Buellton, California
Date of Sighting: July 15, 1977
Time of Sighting: 6 PM PDT

Description: The date of sighting is approximate as all I remember is that it was summer and a hot day. Evening was just starting as when we got there the sun was just going down. Now moving on it was just getting real dark at that time. We then saw a light that appeared in what was an empty field which was across from a dry river bottom. It looked like a porch light in front of a what as I can only describe as something as far as I could see as something round as I could not see, but the front of it. At that time 2 things walked out and had what appeared to have lights on their head like a miner. A girl that was with us yelled, and in what seemed to be a microsecond the lights turned straight on us. My friends started to turn and run. Right then what I can only explain as something that was coming towords us at a fast rate, but like I said this was a very rocky river bed and was very uneven, but whatever it was was coming at me was not on the ground as the lights came at me completely even as if hovering. I turned and ran, as we got to the top of the rocks at the end of the dry river we all turned around and there was absolutely nothing. No lights nothing. We went back to the bowling alley a talked about it and then we all went home. The next day we went out to the field and found absolutely nothing. That is the whole night. Believe me or not, but this was no mass hallucination. This was flat out real. Yes I lived 50 or so miles from an AFB (Air Force base) there was as I know no technology to do what all happened that night. Get in touch with me or not, but it is finally off my chest after 38 years. Thank you for your time.

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