Man Sees 2 Bright Silent Objects Flying Below Cloud Deck.

Location of Sighting: Keizer, Oregon
Date of Sighting: May 6, 2016
Time of Sighting: 4:45 to 4:46 AM PDT

Description: I saw two (2) objects just below the cloud deck at about 5,000 above sea level (ASL). The lead ship was seen and then a second along the same SSW course about 30 seconds behind. There was a bright white-spectrum light (1-each) in magnitude, but no flashing or navigation markers. The forward speed was less than 100 MPH. After 45-seconds the lead ship begins a slow turn to the SE with no change of speed. I stepped into my house for 15 seconds and then returned with Leupold 6x Binoculars. I moved further East into my yard to gain view of the second craft which was now on a Southern heading. I lost view of both craft and began to submit this report. Overhead the cloud cover was light and there was no surface wind. I heard no sounds of either rotors or propwash or other engine sounds during the entire observation period. No photos or video were taken during this event.

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