Man Sees 2 Silver Objects Flying Above Birds.

Location of Sighting: Laclede, Idaho
Date of Sighting: May 20, 2015
Time of Sighting: 10:35 PDT

Description: I was taking a walk about 5 minutes ago. At approximately 1035 AM PDT. I hear a crow cawing and look up. The crow is about 50 feet up and flying north. Then I notice a bald eagle about 100 feet above the crow flying North. Then it gets interesting. About 75 feet above the eagle/crow is a red-tail hawk flying N.  We have an osprey nest on our property and see bald eagles, red-tail hawks daily sometimes in groups of like birds. It’s kind of cool.

The weather is decent today. I then notice about 100 feet above the hawk, what initially appeared to be 2 small birds in a circular pattern with a Northward bias. I thought that was odd since the hawks tend to be the masters of the sky and will not be ‘trumped’ by smaller birds. Why didn’t I walk in the house and get my cell phone or digital camera? I don’t know. I thought I was looking at an interesting situation that was easily explained.

I continued to watch the avian display. I was focused on the smaller silver birds. What was fascinating is that I detected no ‘wing’ movement on these birds, and ALSO they were circling one another from distances of 20 feet. The other birds were flapping wings and reacting to the winds. The silver birds were also REFLECTING the sunlight as if their
underbellies were chrome. They appeared to be non-organic. They were about 500 feet above me and now were not circling, but approaching one another to within a foot or so and returning to an abreast location of 15 feet apart. Still I detected no wings flapping.

I start thinking these are silver metallic drones, but who has them and
at what distance can these miniatures be controlled? Are they silver
mylar balloons doing strange things in a windy turbulence?

Now WEIRD: I am still watching the hawk very clearly for a perspective
on the drones (?) as the drones vanish. Yeah. they vanished. If it was mylar balloons (that burst) I would have seen the debris blowing in the wind.

Lets cue up some twilight zone music. I have said a million times over the years when
watching UFO documentaries why don’t these people take pictures or video? Me? I was waiting for the situation to resolve/explain itself. It didn’t.

This took place today, May 20, 2015. 10 miles West of Sandpoint, Idaho
in Laclede, Idaho.

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