Man Sees 5 Dark Spheres in Cloudy Sky.

Location of Sighting: Yakima, Washington
Date of Sighting: July 15, 2010
Time of Sighting: 3 PM PDT

Description: I was driving westbound on Mead Avenue from 24th Avenue towards 32nd Avenue. This is a residential area. I was driving about 30 MPH. It was overcast with solid grey clouds with smaller sporadic darker clouds. I looked deep into the west about 15 degrees above the horizon and I saw 5 dark spheres just floating with slight up and down movement. there was a small patch of darker cloud to the left of them that began to fade and as it nearly disappeared the spheres moved quickly in unison came underneath and seemed to “spray” another small cloud where the other one was then quickly moved back to where they were before. I quickly scanned the sky to see if there was anything else I could be missing, and I saw another 5 spheres to the left of the small patch of cloud just sitting there. I drove the length of the street and got home and told my wife and my sister-in-law about what I saw. I tried to show them through the back window, but trees blocked the view. I got in my car and went back on Mead and stopped at a park at about 28th Avenue. and Mead and looked west again.They were still there! I wanted to tell someone so that they could see them too and I found three elderly gentleman and pointed out the spheres to them, but they couldn’t see them. I thought it was probably because their vision were deteriorated. The spheres were still there after I left. The elapsed time from when I first saw them to when I stopped looking was about 1/2 hour. Weeks later a roommate staying with my brother stated that he had seen orbs hovering above him in the area he was working at. This man worked in an orchard in that area. He said they were large objects, although he didn’t estimate the size. It s important to note that I had not mentioned my sighting to him, but I was amazed that he had also seen them, but from a closer vantage point. Another man we know who also works in an orchard. In that same orchard he also told me that he saw them. This man did not know the other witness, but reported the same details of the sighting. The second witnesses name is Rafael although I don’t remember the name of the first witness. I am certain these were not stars because of the overcast clouds and I don’t believe that they were known aircraft because of how long they hovered there and the perfectly round shape to them. Also I don’t believe they were hot air balloons because of how fast they moved to “spray” the new cloud and the corroborating stories of the witnesses description of the objects. I attest that this experience is true as I described.

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