Man Sees Aircraft Abruptly Vanish. Photos Taken.

Location of Sighting: Southeast Vancouver Island (Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada)
Date of Sighting: January 8, 2016
Time of Sighting: 4:10 PM PST



Description: Hi Mr. Vike: I would like to inquire about the solid state intelligence from another dimension. Dr. D Rail The Next Dimension. I saw an airplane disappear in midair. I pointed it out to all who were present and they seemed disinterested. Weird huh?

Additional Information From Witness: The location was +48.851421, -123.498711. I was at a local bar looking southwest so ST (supersonic transport) went south to north then it was “huh” gone. Weird huh?

More Information Sent by Witness: I meant to type ‘it,’ but it kind of looked like a black transport type aircraft non-conspicuous looking. It was cold out around and was 3:30 to 4:00 PM. The sun was going down and it crests along the mountain as it sets. My friend, his X wife and I were smoking outside the local bar soaking up the final rays of sunlight. I pointed it out because I noticed it. No one really cared. It was kind of cold. I snapped the pictures. Previously on new years I filmed orange orbs and then my pal told me they were Chinese lanterns! LOL! I was so exited, but my crazy pal set me straight!

Note: The photo does show a contrail and a “circular” contrail or cloud. The circular contrail is believed to be at the south end of the contrail based on the witness report that he was looking southwest. One would expect that the circular contrail would be at the point where the aircraft disappeared, but that is not the case. The witness has not provided much detail on what was seen. He said that he was looking southwest and the aircraft was moving to the north and then vanished. He indicates that other witnesses were not excited by the sighting. I have not heard of any missing aircraft. Anyone who has information about this sighting or knows of missing aircraft is urged to file a report.

Update Jan 11, 2016: Based on the comments below and other information this case is a likely a hoax or delusion.

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5 Responses to Man Sees Aircraft Abruptly Vanish. Photos Taken.

  1. Jim says:

    I know that real UFO’s can do this as I have daytime video proof. Back in the mid 90’s as a UFO sky watcher in Oregon on my roof with stable mounted video camera I recorded a slow moving UFO that after a few minutes sped up extremely fast and then a hole opened up in the sky in front of the craft and it vanished into the hole like it went into another dimension. I know others have seen this phenomena, but I actually have got the proof. This will be released in the future on a possible documentary?

  2. karl says:

    This is kind of interesting that a lot of sightings are coming from the same area and areas around close enough for the recent earthquake to be felt. It was centered just off the SE tip of Vancouver Island and the sand Juan islands out here in NW Washington.

  3. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    Just do a search for “Dr. D Rail The Next Dimension” & you’ll find out all you need to know about this sighting.

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