Man Sees Around 6 White Lights Flying Erratically in the Clouds.

Location of Sighting: Dunfermline Fife, United Kingdom
Date of Sighting: April 15, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:30 to 10 PM Local Time

Description: Hi: I hope you don’t think I am crazy, but last night around 8.30 PM I went out my back door to have a smoke when suddenly off to my right I saw a bright white light among the clouds. It was flying back and forth erratically. Then I counted maybe about 6 or so other lights that were flying back and forth as if they were scanning the area or kind of what looked like they were protecting the brighter light. I watched this for over an hour and a half. I could see the buildings light up as the white light circled the main light. At times the clouds would clear and I could see all the lights very clearly. I could not believe what I was seeing so I went into the house and went up to my back bedroom window, opened it wide and saw it all happening. Then after about 2 hours around 10 PM or so while watching the white light show I suddenly saw around maybe 20 orange lights appear from the north high up in the sky. They were traveling quite slow from north to south and in what I would call formation. I could not believe what I was seeing. I had to go down stairs and out to the back garden to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing was not just reflections of some kind. Then I went back up to the bedroom. They were still flying over and the white lights to my right were still flying back and forth from left to right and north to south when the orange (whatever they were) had passed over the white lights seemed to move away the east. Then it was over. I am still trying to understand what I saw. To me my first thoughts were this was some kind of invasion force. The only thing I do know is it was real and I know what i saw. The whole thing lasted around two and a half hours. Thank you for your time.

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2 Responses to Man Sees Around 6 White Lights Flying Erratically in the Clouds.

  1. Nathan W. says:

    Three nights ago at about 4:30 in the morning I saw 6 clouds low so I video taped the 1st one not knowing what was in them. The next morning I had a look at the video and see lights in the cloud. I put it on Facebook and right away it was taken off and it as been removed from my phone.

  2. Barbara Griffith says:

    This is another good sighting, but no clear photos to go with the sighting. The long length of time these lights were visible is also strange because most of the lights spotted generally fly around and then do a fade out.

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