Man Sees Black V & Triangular Shaped Objects Flying Below Clouds.

Location of Sighting: Bay City, Texas
Date of Sighting: September 13, 2015
Time of Sighting: 2:30 AM CDT

Description: What is odd is I also saw a large rectangular or triangle black object, no lights, no noise, flying low within 500 feet or more above the treetops right over my neighbor’s house. This was at 2:30 AM on Sept. 13, 2015. My dog was barking and I let him out to go. I noticed something moving in the clouds. I thought I was seeing things. I ran back in to get my glasses and when I came back out it must have changed directions. It was going west at first then it must have spun on one of it’s points and started going southwest in the direction of the South Texas Nuclear Plant and when it did it was flying right over my neighbor’s house. It must have been 20 feet tall and it started accelerating after it made the directional change, but then a V-shaped craft rose up from the top of this object, copper in color, no lights and no noise. It was cloudy that night and these objects were flying below the clouds. The only reason I could see these objects is because the street lights kind of reflect off the clouds. The rectangular or triangle object absorbed the light like a black hole. I could not see any definition. The V-shaped craft reflected light. Personally I believe this is military and this was some type of flying drone platform much like an aircraft carrier at sea. JMO, I filed this report with MUFON case 70505. No one has contacted me yet. I repeat I want to remain anonymous. I still have a year and a half before I retire. I am convinced of unidentified flying aircraft, but I have not seen an alien. So until I see an alien I am going to say these are NSA aircraft which I think is fully plausible. Since the Pentagon has lost 5 or 8 trillion dollars I think it is very possible.

Note: According to weather records skies were clear in Bay City, TX at the time of the sighting. Perhaps there were some localized clouds over the sighting area? The relative humidity was 93% at the time of the observation.

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