Man Sees Erratic Flying Flashing Lights.

Location of Sighting: 19 Miles East of Liverpool, England
Date of Sighting: December 12, 2015
Time of Sighting: 7:35 AM Local Time



Description: I saw a very bright light about 1.5 miles to the west around 200 feet in altitude. It alternated hovering and then moving slowly South until hidden by trees! I missed filming this, but 1 minute later another appeared and I filmed. Then I put on my boots and jacket and went out to the back garden! A light could be seen 1.5 miles to the Northwest at 5 to 6 thousand feet. It was moving north at about 130 MPH with flashing light on board. Another appeared about 2 miles to the West hovering and then going South slowly. I filmed and it turned to the East and sped up to 150 MPH. It had small flashing lights on either side. It was only about 1,000 yards to the South. It was 2 to 3 hundred feet altitude and was silent. Two more appeared in the next few minutes and I filmed, but not as good as normal due to fences, trees, etc.!

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