Man Sees Hovering Orange Object in Sky. Photos Taken.

Location of Sighting: Metro Detroit, Michigan
Date of Sighting: March 12, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:20 PM EST



Description: Saturday Night I was taking a photo of the Moon and observed an orange object in the sky. The object was moving very slowly and appeared to be almost hovering. I had my camera and started taking photos (first with a 400mm Lens and then with a 35mm lens exposed over 30 seconds). In trying to ascertain what these light are I googled “Orange Lights UFO” and came across your website. I have included a link to my photos.

Note: The witness edited the photo before sending. The original (unedited) photo has been requested.

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2 Responses to Man Sees Hovering Orange Object in Sky. Photos Taken.

  1. Carrie Ward says:

    I had an experience that I will never forget. The moon was full and to the left of the moon an orange ball was coming straight at me. It was a huge ball of fire. It was almost like a paralyzing effect. I thought it was a Hugh ball of fire. Then it hovered over the lines and tree close enough to see a dome shape. It wa about 200 meters above the lines and the lake in front of me. It was silver in color and fire was only coming out of the bottom. The bottom circle was fire bright. I was scared. This is not an orange ball or ball of fire. What I saw has been sketched also. It made no noise. It turned into an orange orb as it made a shooting line going up to the right of the sky. Only when it was so close could I see this was not a ball of fire! From behind a V shape pattern was seen. It took off when I went to get someone to see what I saw. The UFO was so fast. A V shape with several Orange orbs was seen from behind as it took off up into the sky. I had like a sense it’s trying to medically read you. It was very scary. I will never forget this. It was not a ball of fire falling right at me from the sky.

  2. Tom Siebert says:

    I had an encounter that turned into a contact in an other worldly parallel dimension with one of these mysterious glowing orange craft. This thing looked like some spinning beehive oblong object that came out of a spiderweb type mist. I was in contact with some inter-dimensional entities for about 45 minutes after this craft materialized right to the side of me. I was totally mind controlled by this object both telepathically through thought projection mentally and visually. I am responding to a Brian Vike, San Anselmo, California incident on 11-10-12 involving 30 orange lights seen. My encounter happened in this same city in 2014 on April 20th.

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