Man Sees Hovering UFO With Flickering Colored Lights.

Location of Sighting: Meridian, Idaho
Date of Sighting: September 22, 2015
Time of Sighting: 10:15 PM MDT

Description: I went out to place trash at the curb. I noticed an unusual flickering light to my NE. I went into the house to retrieve my 10X binoculars. I focused everything in and used an outside stanchion for arm support. No actual outline of the object could be seen (nighttime), but it appeared to have at least two dimensions due to lights around a seeming periphery (or along a length). No sooner had I started observing the object, when the overall lighting went out and just a central strobe(s)stayed on. It emitted bright white then red, then green (quite quick sequencing). It stayed motionless in the sky for the 20 minutes I observed it and I just came in to report the sighting. It might still be out there. It was about 20 to 25 degrees from level and as I said to the NE of my house. I do know stars and the motions of those. I would lastly say that I am over 70 years old and have been an aircraft observer since the end of WWII. I know everything the flies and the way they fly and sound. I don’t know what aircraft would want to hover in exactly the same spot for that length of time. the sky was clear (could see the big dipper to my north) and it was about 65 degrees out. We usually have very low humidity.

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