Man Sees Rectangular Object Near Strange Cloud.

Location of Sighting: Hollywood, Florida
Date of Sighting: June 17, 2015
Time of Sighting: 6:55 AM EDT



Description: I was looking toward the airport or Port everglades. I was waiting for the bus and noticed a funny looking cloud. It was funny because it looked like a rain cloud to me. It’s entire length seemed to be moving (shimmering actually) like it was filled with rain and moving and in the process of a heavy downpour, only, the sky was very blue all around and no dark or grey clouds were anywhere close. The early morning storm clouds are all very dormant and lay at the bottom of the picture.

When I took this shot, I did not notice the soft white glows on the top of the formation, nor did I notice the approaching black rectangular object to the left. (You have to zoom in 70% or so to see it.)

Note: The cloud formation is interesting, but not unusual. The upper part of the cloud could be the result of a dissipating thunderstorm. The witness mentioned a rectangular object. The enlargement above likely shows the object mentioned by the witness. It is difficult to say anything definitive about the object (highlighted in the above photo) because it contains only a few pixels.

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