Man Sees Several Neighbors Wandering Around in Trance.

Location of Sighting: North Canton, Ohio
Date of Sighting: Winter, 2007
Time of Sighting: 10 to 11 PM EST

Description: I live in NE Ohio, and I have been an experiencer since childhood. I was recently Googling for UFO sightings in Ohio from the 2006 – 2007 time period to see if one linked to a strange thing I saw that winter that I’ve never been able to explain.

I actually found one that happened literally two miles away, possibly on the same night, on your old website here: (This is a link to a report of a strange boomerang shaped craft in North Canton, OH on Dec 25, 2007. The witness took a photo and also experienced “time distortion.”)

Honestly, it floored me — the event I witness happened literally two miles away a few hours later. I can’t say whether it was the same day, but I believe it was the same winter.

The event: I got home a bit late that night (approximately 10 or 11 PM) and let the dog out. The dog promptly ran away. My sister and I got in the car to go find him. The place we lived at the time (shown on the map above, on Danbury Rd) was a quiet suburb neighborhood mostly populated by older wealthy retirees. We rarely saw anyone outside during the daytime, let alone at night. Since it was so late, most of the houses were dark as everyone was in bed.

We didn’t find the dog on our street, so we drove up a block to Chelmsford St., which is part of the same allotment. As we pull up the street, we see the strangest thing we’ve ever experienced: The neighbors from several houses on that street were all outside in their pajamas and bath robes, a dazed zombie-like look on their face, wandering around aimlessly as if in a trance. They were in their yards and in the street. All of their faces looked blank, they walked slow and kind of awkwardly. I stopped the car in the middle of the road and we watched, totally confused and creeped out about what was happening. I watched one woman in a long bath robe slowly walking across her lawn directly into the tall shrubs as if she didn’t even notice them.

The light from the car’s headlights seemed to attract their attention to some degree, and some of them turned toward the car and started very slowly walking toward it. One man was in the lawn of the nearest house turned toward the car — he was wearing only boxers and an open pajama shirt and started awkwardly walking toward us. He got almost close enough to touch the car before I panicked and drove away. I’ll never forget the look on his face. It was so strange, like he was in a trance, not fully awake, somewhat in pain, lumbering like a zombie barefoot into the road.

My sister and I have regularly wondered about that night and WTF was happening that caused this bizarre scene and today it occurred to me, maybe it was a mass abduction event? Like, maybe they were all abducted at once, then dropped back off around their homes outside and left to eventually come-to and get themselves back inside?

Nothing ever happened like that again there that I know of and none of those neighbors seemed to remember the event, or if they did, they certainly never spoke a word about it.

I myself was experiencing abduction events during that same time period in the same neighborhood, and now I wonder if something was going on on a wider scale.

I know this is a long shot, but if you still have the contact information for the person who submitted the report, could you pass my email on to them and ask if they’d be willing to message with me about it? I’m just wondering whether they’ve ever seen anything similar in the same region, or if they ever saw another event there around the same time.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for cataloging the reports, I’d have never known about the sighting if it wasn’t for your website.

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  1. Aaron says:

    That makes four of us that saw this back in 2007 then. My girlfriend (at the time) and I both got a very good, very clear look at this craft as we were driving on 77S on Christmas at just about dusk. A few moments after we passed the Shuffel exit, we noticed what looked like two amber colored lights in the sky moving unusually slow in a strange diagonal downward direction, from roughly above Quaker Steak towards the WalMart across the highway. They were slowing so much they appeared to be stopping. They went very low and we momentarily lost sight of where they went, but they looked to be heading to the area behind the WalMart. We were intrigued and we commented how weird the lights looked, but it was unclear what they were at first, so we weren’t really freaking out yet. But then less than a minute later as we continued south, passing the strip on our right, we made it past the trees that were blocking the view and I was so astonished I nearly wrecked the car. There was a huge, brightly lit, rectangular or triangular craft hovering just a few hundred yards away. It was silent and motionless, just parked in the sky. It had a corner facing us with portholes or windows all up both sides, and it appeared flat on the top and bottom…It was black and there was an intense amber light shining through the windows. It was so low to the ground that it was near the tops of the trees in a clearing of sky above Kent Stark. I felt like a deer in the headlights and I slowed down from probably 60 mph to probably about 20 mph and nearly got in an accident. I couldn’t take my eyes off this thing. The car behind us almost hit me. My girlfriend never took her eyes off of it and she got an even better look at it than I did for maybe 30 or 40 seconds, with her head out the window. We shouted at each other like “OMG!” “WHAT IS THAT?!” “YOU SEE THAT TOO RIGHT?!” My first thought was to say that the only thing that can hover like that is a helicopter, but whatever this was it FAR larger than a helicopter, and it wasn’t making a sound. She agreed. Plus we were close enough to make out what we were seeing clearly. This was not a light in the distant sky. It was a giant spaceship, and it was seriously low to the ground and close. It almost looked like a floating building. There was nothing it could have been other than a UFO. I had a flip phone in my pocket with a camera, but I was driving on the highway with traffic behind me and I couldn’t just stop. I guess I could have, but it happened so fast and was such a sudden shock, I didn’t think to pull over right there. I was just completely mesmerized…I took the next (belden) exit and drove as fast as I could back towards the strip, but I had lost sight of it and by the time we got there it was gone. We were both seriously shaken up afterwards, and we even called the police to report it and see if anyone else had seen it. Sadly she said no one else had called and we were brushed off and given a number to call that was just a recording asking you to record a message about what you saw. I decided to just hang up. It’s so strange the way I almost don’t believe my own memories all these years later, but I know what I saw. It was 30 seconds or so of clear as day looking at it, but when I try to think back to that moment, it’s so eerily fleeting. Even immediately afterwards, the memory seemed too unreal to be true and I had a hard time seeing it again in my minds eye. Then, about 7 years later, I was researching and came across the same article mentioned above, saw the picture, and nearly jumped out of my skin. Messaged and sent the link to my now ex-gf, (even though we were/are no longer on good terms,) and she said “OMG That was it!”. If you feel like asking for her take on what happened I’m pretty sure she would be happy to talk about it, just email me and I can tell you who she is. I can be reached at If I take forever to reply it’s just because I rarely check my email, but I am happy to discuss this further with anyone who wants to.

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