Man Sees Shiny Cigar Shaped Object Abruptly Vanish.

Location of Sighting: Indianapolis, Indiana
Date of Sighting: December 5, 2015
Time of Sighting: 3:15 PM EST



Description: Hello Mr Puckett:
About 5 years ago I contacted you about a UFO sighting. It turned out to be a crappy digital camera with the Sun canceling out the pixels. If it is not a real sighting I don’t say anything. I look at UFO’s the way I look at religion: I believe it when I see it. So I hope you take what I am reporting to you now as being for real because I do have a lot going on right now to take time out to report something unless it is something worth reporting. So this is what I saw today:

I live in Indianapolis. I attached a map of the city. On it is where I was traveling, where I first caught site of the object, and where I was at when it vanished.

Yes, that is my report. I am reporting a vanishing object.

I am into RC (remote control) airplanes and I am always looking up at the sky at airplanes, I live close to an airport and they fly old vintage warplanes and now some passenger jet company flies out of there.

But today I was not out looking to see airplanes. I had gone to a RC shop in Carleton and had just got back on the highway that goes around Indianapolis. We had a real foggy start to the day today, but the fog had lifted a lot by this time, the sky was cleared up and the sun was shining bright. So as I got on the highway a bright reflection from the sky caught my eye. Now this is nothing new. I see airplanes all the time making turns on approach to either Indianapolis International or Mt Comfort and sometimes when they turn the sun will get them just right and a good reflection will be easy to see.

So now it had my attention. And Highway 465 did not have to much traffic so I could keep an eye on it and not worry hitting any other cars. From my position on the ground and it’s size in the air combined with the intensity of the bright reflection. It’s size through the window was about 1 inch, so I estimated it’s distance to be around 5 to 10 miles, between 2 to 4 thousand feet.

I fly RC aircraft as high as 1,000 feet and have a pretty good eye for judging aircraft flight distance. You just get used ot it to judge distance and speed when flying.

I would look up and back at the road as I traveled along Highway 465 and I was hurrying to get around the big curve so I could get a better look at it. I thought it was one of the bigger planes going into Indianapolis International and that it may cross over the highway and if I timed it right I could see fly over. They put them sleves in a slow moving holding pattern out here so I thought given it’s distance and speed and mine, I could time it.

Even in a holding pattern they move, they have to maintain between 190 to 220 MPH on the big planes to stay flying. But this did not move and it was not moving at all. So I thought it had to be a big helicopter and I really wanted to see that.

I got around the curb, and kept my eye on it looking for a big prop. I noticed it NO LIGHTS. I always see the red and green and at least one bright one on anything flying, but this had nothing.

It did not get larger or smaller. I could not tell if it was moving in any direction, it just hovered. I started to look to see if it had wings at this point, because all I could see coming around the curb was a cigar shape craft like a commercial jet.

There were no wings, no prop and then it was gone. I had my eye right on it. I was not looking down at the road and back up. No I was looking right at it and it just disappeared. It did not get smaller as if it was flying away. It did not move up down left or right. It just vanished.

I am thinking with Wright Patterson Air Force Base (AFB) being in Ohio they are working on invisibility. I know this technology is real. Anyone can do a trick using their cell phone camera and hovering over someone’s hand, the camera shows on the screen what is on the other side. When focused correctly it appears to be invisible like a window as if being looked right through it. imagine this is being done on vehicles with LED screens that are flexable and you know we already have tiny cameras. Attached is map of the are and locations.

I just thought I would share this with you so you can have a report on file of a witness actually seeing such an event.

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