Man Sees Silent White V Shaped Object Near Airport.

Location of Sighting: Tustin, California
Date of Sighting: Around September 1, 2014 (Estimated by time of dusk)
Time of Sighting: 7:30 PM PDT

Description: Hello: In 2014 at around 7:30 PM at dusk I was in my backyard in Tustin, CA. We are fairly close to John Wayne Airport and I often watch the planes flying over kind of following the 55 Freeway toward the airport. I was looking up at the sky when I observed a white V shaped craft moving south toward the coast. It was flying higher than the jets making their approach to John Wayne Airport so maybe by 4 thousand feet. It was large bigger then a 747. I can always here the jets come over, but this craft was silent and made no noise at all! I was freaking out at what I was looking at. This was not from this world. I am now very certain we are not alone!

Note: The witness sent his report via comments on a similar sighting near Albany, NY in 2015.

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