Man Sees Twinkling “Bouncing” Star-Like Object in NE Sky.

Location of Sighting: Yelm, Washington
Date of Sighting: July 2, 2015
Time of Sighting: 3 AM PDT

Description: The size was like a large star. I looked out at 2 AM and the sky looked clear and dark. I especially looked in the northeast sky where I saw a sighting before and there was nothing there. I worked on my computer for awhile and at 3 AM turned it off and glanced at the sky and there again was this twinkling light that again looked like an airplane going across the sky except it stayed in place. It kind of bounced around like it was attached to an invisible rubber band. The lights blinked very rapidly. I moved to another room and it was still visible in the northeast sky. I watched it for about 15 minutes then stopped as I was tired. Could it be a satellite? It is too large for a star and planets don’t twinkle. It pretty much looks like an airplane moving through the sky except it stays in the radius of small space.

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11 Responses to Man Sees Twinkling “Bouncing” Star-Like Object in NE Sky.

  1. InTheKnow says:

    Spencer, NC – 10 PM
    I am seeing a single star-like object bouncing around with very jerky/pinball movement in a small area. Then it would glide in whatever direction for a second or two then go back to the pinball movement.

    I have seen this many times before. Sometimes with just my boyfriend and sometimes with a group of people, and we all see it! I’ve also seen the star-like object also bolt across the sky to a new spot then continue on with jerky bouncing. WHAT IS THIS?! I think it’s technology that is being hidden from us.

  2. Paul Y. says:

    I’ve recently been obsessively searching the internet for this subject because in 1990 I was on a road trip with a friend. We were approaching Key West, and at around 10 PM we stopped to take a leak. It was pitch black and we saw an object way up that was moving erratically like a PINBALL. It was absolutely silent. It would stop for a few seconds, and then continue bouncing around. We stared at it in amazement for at least 10 minutes, and we both realized that we were witnessing something from another world. It was the first and last time we had ever seen anything like that. We didn’t want to stop staring at it, but we were getting bit by many mosquitoes and we had to get back on the road. We were upset that we didn’t have a video camera to document our once in a lifetime experience. If we had had a video camera with us, then we would have such a fascinating video to show the world. It’s very frustrating. But a few years later, there was a Donahue episode that was all about UFOs, and there was a guest who had caught the exact same kind of event on Camcorder. They showed the video during the talk show and it was exactly what we had witnessed. I’ve tried hard to find that episode, and I will continue to do so. It amazes me that no one has since caught something like this on their Iphone. Someone will eventually capture a clear digital recording of a UFO, hopefully during the daytime and hopefully up close.

  3. Megan says:

    I grew up in Williamstown, WV and lived in a house on a hilltop in the country between 1996 and 2004. I’ve seen this exact description at least a dozen times out of my westward facing bedroom window at night time. It was usually a group of 3 lights. The lights looked exactly like stars except they would be gently darting around in a certain area of the sky for about an hour (or until I got tired of watching). One light moved more than the other two in a kind of Pong-ball-like fashion. It was so strange, but I just accepted it for what it was and never mentioned it to anyone. Around 2010, I finally asked my grandparents who lived next door to us growing up if they’d ever seen the light show as they are constantly on their porch. They said they had and pointed to the same area in the sky that I had seen it. I wonder sometimes if the stars/lights were early drones? If the National Guard near our area was just getting some practice time in? I don’t know. The mind has a difficult time accepting the unknown. I’m just so excited to stumble onto this thread.

  4. David Jones says:

    My sighting was in Bend, Oregon April 10 2020. I’m glad I’m not the only one who is seeing this. I brought 2 of my roommates outside to see it to make sure my eyes were OK. They both confirmed it. What is it? There are actually 2 objects. One was a bit SE and another further NE. I feel like I just had my first UFO sighting.

  5. Angus W says:

    I saw the same thing tonight 12:40 AM in Sydney Australia 31st of March 2020. I was smoking a cigarette on my balcony and looking at the stars when I noticed a single star that seemed to hop in place. I wondered what it was as it doesn’t appear to be a satellite. Good to see some others have seen it to and I’m not slipping into madness.

  6. clark says:

    I have seen dim stars bouncing above me almost as if they were observing me. It was just one and it seemed to be the same distance away as the rest of the stars. I called it my alien LOL. W would say 20 times I would look up directly above me and see my alien above me just bouncing around in I would say a triangle like shape. I have even had someone with me once or twice and told them I had one and much to my delight I told them to look up directly above us and sure as s***t my alien was there. This was years ago and I have seen a lot of crazy ET stuff since, but the topic of this blog got me thinking about it again. Thanks.

  7. Brent Dapo says:

    I live in new York. This happened in 2010 and my father and I were looking at the stars when he looked at me and said do you see that we watched for over an hour a beam of light that seemingly bounced from one star to the other as it moved from North to south and finally disappeared. The star or light we saw zigzag as if it were looking for something. It can be better describe like a pin ball game. This was not within our solar system.

    • Royle says:

      I live in Philadelphia, PA and I was awakened by a phone call around 2 AM. Unable to fall back asleep, I glanced at the sky. I saw what I thought was a star, but then it appeared to move. I thought it was a plane, but then the light moved back as if it were moving in a zigzag line. To confirm I wasn’t losing my mind, I woke my daughter up and showed her. She saw it, but then she brought to my attention another light across from the first also moving back and forth. I came online to see if anyone else has experienced this and your story confirms that I’m not losing my marbles.

  8. Carol D Michaud says:

    I saw the same sitting on my front patio around 10:00 PM. I suddenly looked up &amp noticed 3 round/oval lights covered with fog. They were bouncing back &amp forth side ways or up &amp down! I decided to go get the Ipad to film this. I sure did not want to miss anything. I was alone seeing this. I needed to put this on film. When I ended up ready to take a picture or something it wouldn’t work. It took me a little time to react to what I was watching up in front of me accross the streets up in the sky at close range. It’s like I froze for a little while in shock maybe. Anyway I started to go down my steps checking out if other people on the streets near by are seeing the same. It went away as fast as it came! Then what do you do? Nobody is going to believe you. People seem scared of the unknown.

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