Man Sees V Shaped UFO With Several Lights.

Location of Sighting: Alexandria Virginia
Date of Sighting: Mid September to Early October, 2009
Time of Sighting: 8 to 9 PM EDT



Description: Hi: It has been a few years since I saw the V shaped UFO. I live in Alexandria Virginia USA. Honestly I don’t know how to go about this I have never expressed myself about this through writing so I will simply just explain. I want to say it was 2009 mid September early October. I don’t remember the exact date, but I do remember it was between 8 to 9 o’clock PM. The night sky was not visible because it was very cloudy that night. I was inside my apartment building on N Armistead Street in Alexandria, Virginia standing in the front window of my apartment building facing the main road. Suddenly the lights go out in the entire neighborhood which isn’t uncommon during stormy days/nights, but it was not raining that night at all just cloudy. I proceed to look out of the window enjoying the silence when I see in the distance to my left hand side in the sky what to me at that moment looked like a flock of birds flying in the shape of two V’s the leading V being bigger then the following V. But with a closer look and a bit of rational thinking I realized the structure I was looking at was not birds because birds don’t fly at night and the object was too high and moving to structured to have been birds. Plus with further observation the circles which I had assumed to be the birds actually looked like dimmed lights on a bigger craft. I say craft because the two V’s looked to be a part of one huge structure. It had a light pink line outlining the entire thing almost like a silhouette. It was flying at a steady pace not very slowly nor fast at all and absolutely silent. It sounded like a light wind blowing that’s all you could hear. I kept my eye on it the entire time until it looked like it literally vanished. The object was absolutely massive. Looking into the sky from the front of my building it took up practically the entire sky in front of me. It looked significantly low (too high to be birds), but I couldn’t tell you exactly how low. Once the object vanished about 5 to 10 seconds later the power ironically comes back on like nothing happened at all which is very uncommon, once the power goes out we have to wait a little while before it returns and the object came and went in about 45 seconds to a minute’s time. Two of my friends were in the front of my building and also saw exactly what I saw and another friend who lived up the street saw it as well and went as far as saying he saw it fly over his building complex and he as well agreed it was massive. I drew a very rough picture of what it looked like because altough I don’t remember exactly when it occurred as in date and exact time. I will never forget what it looked like. I never saw that particular type of structure again though I have had other sightings of different unexplainable things I won’t go into now.

Note: It is very interesting that power was out during the brief time that the UFO was sighted. Power outages and electrical interference are common in the vicinity of V shaped or triangular UFO’s.

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