Man Takes Video on Rainy Day. Unknown Objects Found in Background.

Location of Sighting: Bronx (New York City), New York
Date of Sighting: April 12, 2016
Time of Sighting: 8:27 AM EDT



Description: I took the video in Bronx New York. The date is 4/12/16 at 8:27 AM. Well I recorded a video of the sky. And then played it back in milliseconds catching several different shapes. They appear in the sky then vanish. A circular like object appeared a few times and then and it would vanish. There were other strange shaped craft or what not. The pictures you are looking at were snapped from a video. It was raining today. It was really cloudy, but I still decided to record the video, and just play it back really slow and see if I could catch anything between the frames.

Note: The object in the above photo could be a raindrop near the lens of the camera. I have seen this phenomenon before.

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