Man Terrified by Strange Lights. Dog Killed.

Location of Sighting: Near Cincinnati, Ohio
Date of Sighting: August 15, 2015
Time of Sighting: Not known.

Description: The witness was sitting on a tree log taking a break from hiking. He had been hiking with his dog. The witness admitted sitting on the log smoking weed. He saw some strange lights approaching from above. The lights floated and then came down and suddenly it became windy. He then heard his dog squeal and then stop. He went in the direction where his dog had been and saw that the animal was dead and partially eaten. He said that the dog’s head was missing and it’s fur was pulled away from it’s flesh. He said that he took a photo of his dead dog. He said that the lights began to “follow him” and he ran to his car. He claimed this car had a flat tire and there were scratches on his car. He didn’t elaborate on what happened next. (He called and reported his sighting via a voice-mail message around 5 AM Eastern time so presumably he survived the alleged ordeal in decent condition.) He also called the next day and left another voice-mail message. In both messages he sounded “high” and somewhat “incoherent. For this reason I haven’t followed up on this sighting.

Note: It is the policy of UFOs Northwest to post all reports that we receive unless they are obvious fabrications. I am not saying that this report is a fabrication, but the witness would have to be considered unreliable and perhaps delusional considering that he admitted in all voice-mail messages that “he was smoking his bong” during the sighting. He also sounded paranoid and he said that something was following him.

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