Man’s Son Believed That he Saw a Rocket Overhead.

Location of Sighting: Harwinton Connecticut
Date of Sighting: September 19, 2015
Time of Sighting: Approximately 3:15 to 3:30 PM

Description: My son just came running in saying he saw a rocket overhead. I went outside and didn’t see anything at first. He said it went behind the clouds. As we were watching, it appeared out of the clouds. It was traveling north to south. I saw it over Harwinton. It seemed to be moving slower than a plane. There was what appeared to be a yellow/orange glow from the tail end. It was not a sun reflection as I saw a jet shortly after, and there was no reflection. The glow seemed to be coming from the direct rear. Correction: The object was traveling east to west.

Note: I am not aware of any locations close to the witness location that launches rockets. The closest location is Wallops Island, Virginia. Perhaps the witness’s son saw a model rocket?

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