March 1, 1970 – Leitchfield, Kentucky – Noon EST

[map z=”5″ address=”Carter Street, Leitchfield, KY 42754″ w=”550″ h=”300″ marker=”yes” maptype=”HYBRID”]

Description: My Twin Brother and I were in the field digging up milk thistle weeds and I looked up in the sky and saw an object that was darting from one cloud to another and thought it was a weather balloon. The next thing I remember was a round object chrome in color landed on the hillside we were working. Then a door opened and it was dark inside. Then the next thing I remember was waking up on the couch and I lost how I got there and how long I was gone. I asked my brother about it and he didn’t want to say he remembered or not. I have not told anyone about it until now.

Additional Information Sent by Witness: I have tried calling your phone and left you a voice mail on cell phone. I think your was about what time it happen? It was about 12 noon and I do not remember a lot about it. I do remember that the craft was about 30 feet in diameter. It was like a big ball bearing and was chrome in color. It was there on the ground only for a second or less. The door and landing gear was open and was on a hill side on about a 22 to 30 feet grade hill. It was dark when I looked inside and I don’t remember when I woke up and how I got there. I was 16 years old at the time of the encounter. It was 3 or 4 hours later when I woke up on the couch.

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