March 1, 2013 – Browning, Montana – Between 4:30 & 6:30 AM MST

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Description: I called the witness regarding a sighting of “strange lights” in the sky that she reported occurred on April 19, 2013. (She said that these strange behaving lights have recently been noted on other nights and have been witnessed by several family members.) The witness responded to my questions regarding the April 19 sighting and volunteered information about a cattle mutilation that occurred on the March 1, 2013 on a ranch about 5 miles south of Browning, Montana (see map). Here is her account as described in my interview:
The witness’s brother-in-law and sister operate a cattle ranch about 5 miles south of Browning, MT. The witness was assisting her family with “calving” operations which take place in the spring. At 4:30 AM the witness and the ranchers checked on the cows and the above cow which was later mutilated was fine. The animal was pregnant. At 6:30 AM when daylight began setting in (sunrise was at 7:10 AM) the animal was found mutilated. (See photo and slide show above.) The only blood found was around the mouth. Precision cuts were noted on the head area. The calf was also dead. The witness noted that predators (including crows and vultures) would not touch the animal. The witness snapped several photos a few hours after the mutilation was noted. The mutilation was not reported to authorities because of potential (and likely) ridicule. No “UFO” activity was noted in the area at the time of the mutilation. However, unusual nocturnal lights had recently been noted in the area on several nights.

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15 Responses to March 1, 2013 – Browning, Montana – Between 4:30 & 6:30 AM MST

  1. Kenneth Larson says:

    There are very few cases of actual UFO physical evidence. In Eagle River, WI, April 18, 1961, plumber Joe Simonton said a beautiful silvery UFO landed in his driveway with 3 humanoids and one asked for water. Joe handed the humanoid a jug filled with water and the humanoid handed back four hot pancakes that tasted like cardboard. The U.S. Air Force kept one pancake for 2 months, but refused to give out analysis results. Joe felt the humanoids took food with them for long trips just like modern astronauts carry food with them and said he never made a dime on the nationally famous case.

    • Administrator says:

      I do recall reading about that case in the “Project Bluebook” file.

    • Sheila says:

      The fact that they are using chemical or biological weapons because predators won’t go near the corpses is the deciding factor. Why isn’t black ops being held responsible for the clean up and disposal of the hazardous material? Also compensation for the animal should be included. Take back your country and demand accountability.

  2. Bitch Boy says:

    Are some of us not making a connection with the cattle mutilations and the mutilations that are being done to us by the war machine? Do we not recognize our own plight in a world with 150,000 nuclear weapons upon us? Should we not sense that our elders from space are communicating a message to us? Could the message be to end our mutilation, we will need to end the war?

    • Administrator says:

      Perhaps that may be the case that ET is sending us a message.

      • Sheila says:

        No dumb dumb, your own military black ops is sending you the message…how long before they target people? Too late it’s already happening on the other side of the world. And you call yourself an administrator still holding out that its ET? LOL get a grip. I’ve actually investigated and there’s no ET involved because only sick humans are capable of this.

  3. k w says:

    I have been investigating these cases for 20 years. I would like add information if possible. I think my partner and I are very close to unraveling this mystery. I would like to talk to the rancher.

    • Sheila says:

      You don’t have to look any farther than the Raytheon plant in Calgary. On Oct. 27 and first week of Nov. 2008 they did the same thing with two horses. There was no blood, no predators and no tracks. The farmers finally buried them. One called the RCMP which determined that it died of natural causes and the missing penis had expanded and blown up after death. But the expansion never affected the rest of the corpse? That cop shortly thereafter went in the medical field. There is obviously a black market for the sick people who want these parts. Another friend in Manitoba in 2005 had the same thing happen to a cow with a calf at it’s side. They lasered off the udder and when the vet came out she said it died of natural causes and no mention of the missing udder. In Canada we have over 1,100 approved drones. How do you think they get their kicks?

  4. Mary says:

    So it starts again. I knew some people in Fort Benton that have had encounters about 25 years ago. There were mutilations going on at the same time as well. They kept their mouths shut too. I can’t blame them. They would have been ridiculed beyond reason if they would have reported any of it.

  5. Jimmy Saito says:

    Was this cow’s tongue taken?

  6. christopher o'brien says:

    I am a unexplained livestock death researcher and have investigated sand researched several hundred cases since 1992. I have some questions and would like someone to put me in touch with the principles, if possible. I honor all requests for anonymity. Were any forensic or soil samples taken? Was a sheriff’s report filed? Was veterinarian or vet pathologist contacted? Did anyone thoroughly investigate the site? Who can I speak with to find out more about this case? Have any other livestock from the region been found in this condition in the last ten years? I am writing a comprehensive book examining the cattle mutilation phenomenon and would like to inquire as to how to gain more information about this case. Please contact me!

    • Administrator says:

      We have been unable to obtain any additional information regarding this case. I have the same questions that you do. I am posting your comment. Perhaps the witness may contact you.

      Thanks for your interest.

  7. Ken says:

    OMG, look at the fluid around the eye sockets. That cow was standing when it’s eyes were removed.

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