March 1, 2013 – Cottage Grove, Oregon – 10:10 PM PST

Description: My daughter, son and I arrived home at approximately 10:10 PM on 3-1-13. We saw 3 orange lights in the sky that were in a triangular pattern or part of a singular object. It was a foggy/cloudy evening with low clouds moving through and we had occasional glimpses of clear sky. The lights were hovering over west Cottage Grove, appearing to be over the River Road area or Bohemia Elementary School. They appeared to be 600 yards to 3/4 mile away and not extremely high in the sky (low on horizon). Upon exiting our car we all saw the lights and immediately recognized them as a UFO or multiple UFO’s. I tried to video it, but it lasted only 20 to 30 seconds and I couldn’t take my eyes off it long enough to properly run my Iphone camera. The southeastern most light disappeared first and then 5 seconds later the other 2 went out almost simultaneously. It appeared as though the cloud was engulfing them, but it blew through in a few seconds and the lights were gone. My 14 year old daughter had retreated almost immediately into our house, as she was very frightened by the sighting. We told my wife, grabbed my nephew and then we all jumped back in our car and went out to look for it again. We had no luck as the object was gone.

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