March 13, 2015 – Seattle, Washington – 11:20 PM PDT

Description: At about 11.20 PM on March 13 2015 I noticed a hazy patch of light in the northwest sector of the overcast sky, at an angle of approximately 35 to 45 degrees above the horizon. I thought at first it was the moon, but realized immediately that it could not be. Then I thought it might be the landing lights of an aircraft. The brightness increased as the object(s) slowly descended vertically through the overcast. When the object(s) emerged from the haze this is what I saw: Six spheres (I have no idea what size – it was dark and I had no visual references) arranged in three pairs. The pairs were arranged in vertical ladder fashion (top pair, middle pair, bottom pair), were more or less reddish orange in color and seemed not to blink, but to vary a bit in intensity. I kept my eye on them as they slowly descended, and simultaneously reached for my high powered binoculars which I use to view the moon. As I was doing this they vanished instantly. They just blinked out. I waited and watched for some time afterwards to see if anything further would happen, but there was nothing. The whole episode from first sighting to disappearance was no more than 10 to at most fifteen seconds. I would like to know if anyone else saw this phenomenon. They were certainly not aircraft lights. They were certainly not strangely illuminated balloons. Their instant disappearance is baffling. I am no believer in alien spacecraft, so I assume there is a rational explanation for what I saw.

Note: A check of weather conditions showed that light rain was falling with a visibility of 8 miles. The cloud bases were 6,500 feet.

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  1. Raymond Sparks says:

    Just a follow-up on my above experience. On Sunday, March 15th, two days after the above sighting, at approximately 9:30 PM, I again saw the ‘hazy moon’ phenomenon. This time it was just a bit south (maybe four or five full moon diameters) of the previous sighting. It was mere coincidence that I happened to be looking in that direction. This time the hazy glow was descending through the overcast in the same manner as before, but once again simply vanished, unfortunately before it cleared the overcast. This may have been an airplane, but it’s behavior was very much like the March 13 phenomenon. In both cases the objects vanished instantly, as if a light switch had been turned off. The incident was of no more than four seconds duration. By the way if the cloud cover on March 13th was at 6,500 feet the objects I saw must have been pretty large to appear as they did to me. I have no idea however how far away they were ‘as the crow flies’.

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