March 16, 2013 – Mesa, Arizona – 9 to 9:30 PM MST

Description: Last night at a friend’s home watching the 12 Hours of Sebring. My friend’s son went outdoors and shortly came in and called out his dad and mom. They went out and about 10 minutes later my friend’s wife came in and said I should go outside and look at a strange object they were watching. I did and saw it seemingly hovering in the NW sky at a distance (undetermined). The object was next to the top of a palm tree across the street which was approximately. 30 feet. tall. The object was quite far from the palm. As we stared at the object it seemed to actually be rising very slowly. We were using the palm silhouette to judge it was rising. For the previous 10 or 15 minutes before getting me, they told me it was stationary. It rose at a slow rate very high in a slight NE direction. The object(s?) were round, bright red like a laser pointer and about that size at their distance away. There were two lights one directly over the other and they never blinked or moved from that one over the other position until they went up so high it appeared to be only one light and then disappeared out of sight or possibly blinked out. The strangest thing though was as I was watching it remained stationary out of the corner of my eye I saw another light over the house across the street streak by and I said to everyone watching that I saw a meteorite. They looked and saw it again (again not a meteorite) because I was staring at the other object. I looked where I saw the streaking light and it kept appearing and disappearing below the roof of the house. It sometimes looked like it was going in circles or traveling straight making 90 degree turns up and down and back and forth. I kept looking back and forth at both objects. The streaking light vanished first so I was back to watching the 2 red lights until they disappeared. The streaking light was NE of the 2 red lights and it appeared to be red, green and white all at once if that makes sense. I could not tell if it was far away and large or closer and small. After all the activity my friend’s son said last year at about 11 PM he witnessed single red lights moving about in the sky. They traveled up and down and side to side, sometimes closing in on each other. Some were brighter than others. The lights would vanish and reappear some where else or maybe it was a new light. My friend said he had captured these lights on his high tech phone and he showed me. Needless to say after what I had just seen, his video blew me away. By the way there is a major airport slightly NW of the double red light and a smaller airport just slightly NE of them. There is lots of air traffic (large jets with standard blinking lights and bright approach lights when they are in their landing pattern). Small aircraft come from the small airport with blinking lights and predictable movements. This is nothing like what was seen.

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  1. Marie Snow says:

    Hello Roni, My name is Marie Snow and I am a Field Investigator for MUFON (The Mutual UFO Network) and I was wondering if you would report your case on the site. It seems there were others that also observed the same thing. It’s really important to report it. Please email me as I would like to hear your story..

    Thanks, Marie Snow FI #31216 MUFON, AZ

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