March 17, 2011 – New York City, New York

X-ray of Woman's Teeth Showing Anomalies Identified by Dentist (Circled in Red).

X-ray of Woman’s Teeth Showing Anomalies Identified by Dentist (Circled in Red).

Note About Above X-Ray: Subsequent contact with the witness revealed that the above X-ray is actually two X-rays of the same teeth.  The X-ray comprises two different views of the same three teeth so there is only one “implant.”

Statement from dentists and radiologist regarding above x-ray: I did get a signed and notarized affidavit from my dentist stating his description of this thing and that in 26 years of practice, he’s never seen and to this day has never seen anything like it. It has been there since at least 2003 and to date at least six dentists and one radiologist have looked at this and have no idea what it is. I have no memory of receiving this nor was it a necessary procedure as I have excellent teeth/dental health.

Description: The witness is a psychic medium and has had several “unusual” experiences best categorized as paranormal. She had been having problems chewing on one side of her mouth. She visited a dentist because of her discomfort. Dental x-rays were taken. (See above.) The x-rays revealed unusual objects between the tops of her teeth. The dentist had no explanation for these anomalies. The witness has described her experiences in detail below:

And as far as unusual experiences surrounding the time that this happened in 2011 other than tooth pain and sensitivity. I was always having strange unexplainable experiences since at least 2007 prior to my official awakening into 2008. There was some kind of dormancy. Into 2007 after I had an encounter with who I believe was a human ET sunlit. After I met this person that’s a whole other story altogether I would have to tell you that some other time. I suddenly became obsessed with UFOs which I later found out is typical of people who have encounters. Part of that I really didn’t care about UFOs at all and then suddenly it was like a switch was turned on. For the next nine months my life all I could do was research UFOs 10 to 12 hours a day and aliens as well. And then in 2008 I had another encounter with the UFO that started talking to me telepathically and it was off to the races. Shortly after my third experience I was opened up. I was doing the dishes and suddenly this voice said to me and my head do you want to be a professional psychic. Without thinking I don’t know why I just said Yasemin. There was a flash of light and the next thing I knew I couldn’t stop doing readings for people at all. I don’t know if that was divine or ET’s or both, but that is what happened. Then I started having really bizarre paranormal experiences every single day of my life. It is my life. It is how I make my living now! So frankly other than the sudden deep pain, sensitivity and my tooth I couldn’t tell you specifically of anything that happened. Just part of that it was again like a switch of been turned on in my tooth and suddenly the tooth was very sensitive. I have to tell you lately after not feeling sensitivity for awhile the last several weeks my tooth has been hurting periodically again and my dentist doesn’t know what to do about because he doesn’t want to harm the tooth and the surrounding nerve. He doesn’t know how to treat this thing because he’s never seen any technology like this before so he’s hesitant to touch it. He’s hesitant to remove it without damaging the tooth and the nerve. I would have to go through my memory banks and come back with you about any visitations or heightened paranormal activity surrounding incidents of tooth sensitivity, but because of what I do for a living there’s always heightened paranormal activity around me, so really it’s quite hard to say. There is nothing “beyond the usual” (whatever that means!) that I can recall other then suddenly the tooth was just causing me so much discomfort out of the blue. The sensitivity and pain had never occurred before. This went on for weeks before I finally caved in and said okay that’s it I probably have a cavity now this is probably what cavities feel like. (I had never had one before so I didn’t know what a cavity felt like, but I was just assuming that this is what a cavity was.) Now I have to set up an appointment with the dentist and I just have to grin and bear it and just go in and have him fix my tooth. I honestly thought that I had just been neglectful with my not going to the dentist and that was the cause of the pain. Let me tell you it was quite a shock to suddenly realize that this was not me just being neglectful with my dental care routine. I didn’t become hysterical when I was sitting on the chair, but I started to feel a bit of a panic attack rising as soon as the dental x-rays appeared digitally on the screen in front of me when I was sitting on the chair. I almost had to fight the urge to run out of the dental office, but he was so good and calm about everything and was behaving quite the opposite way the dentist in 2003 was that I was able to make it through the dental exam without running out screaming and crying. But let me tell you it was it was a horrible, strange and scary moment.

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3 Responses to March 17, 2011 – New York City, New York

  1. Richard O'Connor says:

    If this woman had no recollection of ever having acquired a filling of this tooth, perhaps she should have had this removed by her dentist and then sent to Dr. Roger Lier who is the world authority on alien implants. While this may have been nothing more than a piece of metal that had securely lodged itself in between her teeth (like aluminum foil from a baked potato, for example), given the rest of her story it is possible that this could have been an ET implant. Dr. Lier apparently has connections to scientists that would be capable of determining whether or not this is in fact an ET implant, if this x-ray finding is still present today.

  2. Barbara G. says:

    I wonder why she didn’t ask one of the dentists to remove the particle? It makes no sense to have x-rays taken and not do something about it. Everything she has said so far sounds made up to me. She is someone looking for attention.

    • Administrator says:

      This woman is not looking for attention. She has asked for no money and did not ask me to post anything. The object has not been removed because the dentist believes that removal could cause damage to her teeth.

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