March 18, 2015 – Murfreesboro, Tennessee – 12:05 AM – CDT

Description: I saw something that was as bright as a star. It had a continuous bright white light in the center. It had red, blue and green lights pulsating very vivid vertically. It had no sound and it was about 10 to 15 thousand feet in the air hovering. It had no sound and shifted side to side in short distances. It was viewed facing SW from me. I called our sheriff’s department to send a deputy to report it. It was hovering for about 35 minutes and as the deputy got closer to my address the object slowly moved to the SW under the tree line. On the 22nd of this month the object appeared again. This time much farther away and at a higher altitude. It only hovered for 15 minutes this time and slowly went away to the SW and West from my location until it disappeared. I didn’t report this sighting to the law enforcement because they didn’t believe me the first time. I would like to talk to a expert about this if I could. I am a military aircraft enthusiast and done research for 30 years and this wasn’t a military aircraft. I also study astronomy and own a telescope. I know the difference between planets, stars and satellites. I didn’t really believe in UFO’s before until I saw this.

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