March 19, 2012 – Austin, Texas – Evening

Watch Video Taken of Circular Weed Patterns in Witness’s Front Yard:

Photo of Flattened Weeds in Witness's Front Yard.

Photo of Flattened Weeds in Witness's Front Yard.

Photo Showing Bent Nodes of Weeds.

Photo Showing Bent Nodes of Weeds.


Description: Hello: I am a college student living in Austin TX. Last night we had one of the loudest thunderstorms over our house and lightning struck a tree in our backyard. This morning when I walked into the front yard all of the unkept weeds were folded over in a very precise manner. Upon examining the nodes on their stems I observed what I believe to be node bending and elongation, as well as expulsion cavities in plants that are normally too brittle to bend in this manner. Attached are the first pictures I took today.

I am frantically ravaging the internet for more information, but it would be nice to speak with someone of a higher authority. Let me know if you need any more details.

Note: The circular pattern observed in the weeds could be due to the thunderstorm. Perhaps puddles of rain depressed the weeds? Also lightning struck a nearby tree. Lightning strikes have been known to produce strange patterns in soil and vegetation.

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  1. lori simpson says:

    Maybe he should send an areial view. What did it resemble what shape was it? By seeing only a ground view it almost looks like tire tracks in some shots. One very unique thing about crop circles is that they have these extraordinary shapes & designs that show NO QUESTIONABLE “tracks.” leading to and from one shape/design to another. Maybe an aerial view & more description of the form the crop circle took would help “higher authorities” investigate your sighting.

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