March, 2008 – Jacksonville, Florida – Late Afternoon or Early Evening

Description: I was in Jacksonville a few months after the Stephenville, TX sighting was making headlines. I was at my aunt’s house off of Normandy Blvd. I saw a large craft that had lights on it flying real low and making no sound at all. I was watching TV and the lights from it were lighting up the blinds on the windows. That is when I went out. It was moving from the west to the east towards Highway 295. I have not told anyone except my family until now. I always thought it might have been military since it was close to Old Cecil field and the Naval Air Station at Jacksonville. The craft was large like a C130 aircraft or big airliner, but it made no noise whatsoever. It was going very slow. I watched it proceed east for about ten minutes. This is the freakiest thing I have seen. The object was triangle shaped.

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