March 21, 2015 – Waco, Texas – 8 PM CDT

Description: There are several ships that hover in the skies above Waco. You can see them on any given night. They pulsate. The one that is hovering above my home is hidden in darkness (gas like substance). You can tell it is there as it distorts the stars. You can see darkness and the stars are hidden. You can see the stars it is not covering up. Also a gas substance is falling from the sky. In the gas are orbs. They appear to use this gas as energy to travel. and they swarm the neighborhood. I see it in my home and I have ADT clips of the energy and orbs that come in with the gas. It seems like it comes in when doors are open, ventilation, any sort of opening. The gas burns as it is very hot. I need someone to visit Waco and research without being detected as they appear to have a very mean objective. My ADT security system has night vision and infrared. You can see in the dark.

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