March 23, 2012 – Muncie, Indiana – 9:45 PM EDT

Sketch of Object Path Sent by Witness.

Sketch of Object Path Sent by Witness.

Description: I had just recently finished eating my dinner and decided to go out for a smoke. Literally as soon as stepped out I lit my cigarette and looked up. What I saw was what appeared to be a shooting star (comet) moving from the west to the east, and it was only visible for roughly 1 to 2 seconds. It was a bright white and had a trail of white coming off it and was quite long. Now what was strange is that instead of it moving in a straight line it actually made a curved path enough that it was visible. I have included a simple picture just to show how the object moved across the sky.

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  1. nicolle says:

    I saw some weird things in the sky tonight around 1 AM. They looked like stars, but they were also moving slightly and blinking or there lights would get dim then bright again. There were at least 6 that I saw.

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