March 24, 2012 – Parkersburg, Iowa – 9:50 PM CDT


Description: At about 9:50 PM on 03/24/2012 I saw a large V shaped object moving west at what appeared to be high altitude. It had lights on the leading edge, but was very hard to keep sight of. It almost appeared translucent.

Investigative Report From James Clarkson:

Two Sightings of a Translucent UFO

When I investigate UFO reports, especially the more descriptive ones, I wonder what it would have been like to have experienced what is being reported. I ponder the details to envision just how strange the events might have been that prompted the witness to file a report. Recently I investigated a report that appears eerily similar to a UFO sighting witnessed my wife and I last August 27, 2011.

I have not reported that sighting before now. But after interviewing the recent witness to a very strange flyover in Parkersburg, IA at 9:50 pm CST on March 24, 2012, I was startled by the similarity and the implications of what we saw.

On March 25, 2012, I sent the primary witness basic questions about the sighting and I followed up the next day with a phone call. The witness lives in Parkersburg, IA and he described the situation, “We were sitting next to a bonfire and we had the radio going. The weather was clear with a few clouds in the sky. We were discussing the Little Dipper and we were looking at Venus and Jupiter. The Moon was a little off to my right. That thing came from behind me.”

An unknown flying object moved from the east towards the northwest. It was a “V-shaped object, like a Stealth bomber if it had all the lights along the leading edge.” We discussed how many lights there might have been and in what configuration.

The lights on the leading edge of the aircraft were about the same intensity as starlight. The rest of the description was something very unusual: “It was almost like everything behind it, everything disappeared. The lights were so faint. It was kind of like you picked it up and then you lost it. It was almost translucent. It was very large.”

He added that the unidentified aircraft was either very large or way closer to the ground than he estimated. His original impression was that it was at a similar altitude to regular air traffic. They did not hear any sound from it, but they did have a radio playing.

I asked him how large of an object held at arm’s length would have covered the object. He said his cell phone, a Motorola Electrify about 5 inches long by 2 ½ inches wide. He said he is a fan of aircraft in general and they frequently watch the night sky. The unknown aircraft was about ten times the size of an airliner going by.

The witness estimated that the unknown was going 5 times the normal speed of an airliner based upon how long it took the object to traverse the sky. He originally estimated that it took 30 seconds for the object to cross the sky but he admitted he has never times a regular airliner traversing the sky.

His final comment was “I’ve never seen anything like that in my life.” His wife was with him while I was interviewing him by phone. Her comment was what reminded me of my own experience. She said, “It was like it rippled space.” 

Conditions for Parkersburg, IA on March 24, 2012: The sun set for March 24 was at 7:27 pm; the Moon was in a waxing crescent phase. The weather conditions were calm and clear with a temperature of about 55 degrees F.

On August 27, 2011, my wife and I were visiting family in Prosser, WA. We were in the backyard watching the night sky. Many stars were visible and we were standing a few feet apart. My wife was talking to an upset young woman who was visiting our relatives but she happened to look up when I did.

I watched a V-shaped object go from west to east at a speed that I would estimate to be 3-4 times as fast as a normal airliner would traverse the sky and it appeared to be at about the same altitude. It moved in a straight line.

The leading edge of the object appeared illuminated and what was behind it was faded or almost clear. It seemed to have a fading glow from front to back. My impression is that if it had been standing still I wouldn’t have noticed it all. I agree with the impression of the wife of the recent witness in Iowa; there was a kind of ripple or ghostly movement to it.

It went across the sky so fast and it appeared about 3 times larger than any normal aircraft. My wife and I looked at each other and said just about the same words, “What the hell was that?”

I made the comment to her that I was not going to report it because given my involvement in the UFO field I thought no one would believe me. Given the recent report, I am asking for anyone with details of similar events to let us know.

Conditions for Prosser, WA on August 27, 2011: The sun set for March 24 was at 7:44 pm; the Moon was in a waning crescent phase. The weather conditions were calm and clear with a temperature of about 65 degrees F.

James E Clarkson 03/31/2012




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