March 24, 2013 – Near Kingman, Arizona – 1:30 PM MST

View Slideshow of White Objects (YouTube):

Description: The witnesses (married couple) phoned in their sighting the day that it occurred. A couple were traveling northeast on Interstate 40 a few miles out of Kingman, AZ. The woman saw the objects first. The couple pulled over to the side of the road and started snapping photos. The photos were taken with a “high-end” Sony camera that had a telephoto lens. The male witness said that he didn’t think the objects were birds because the “wings” were in the “downward” position in all 4 photos. The objects would get brighter, then fad out and then grow brighter. The objects were continually changing formations. The slide show of the 4 photos reflects this behavior. No sound was heard. Winds were calm at the time of the sighting. The objects were moving quite slowly at first, but then turned northwest towards Las Vegas, NV.

Note: The photo obviously shows that the objects are in the shape of birds. However, the witness pointed out that the “wings” were in the downward position for all of the “objects” in all 4 photos. The witnesses also stated that the objects had a recurrent “fade in and out” pattern. These 2 facts cast some doubt on the “bird explanation.”

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6 Responses to March 24, 2013 – Near Kingman, Arizona – 1:30 PM MST

  1. Rebecca Richardson says:

    Looks like a flock of birds to me.

  2. Kenneth Larson says:

    About the possible 72 or so objects filmed in the clear sky near Kingman, Arizona, by a couple with a camera, March 24, 2013: The shape of the many changing directions objects is very similar to photos of a huge triangular or V-shaped flight of about 18 UFOs plus a mother ship that was filmed by Carl Hart, Jr. near Lubbock, Texas, on August 30, 1951. The same UFOs were seen by four college professors at nearby Texas Tech College in Lubbock, August 30, 1951. The Hart photos can be seen in the book by Kenneth Arnold and Ray Palmer, THE COMING OF THE SAUCERS. Because the Kingman objects moved around in the sky and changed flight patterns, it is hard to estimate the total objects. I counted around 72 objects maneuvering around in the Kingman 2013 films that formed various mathematical-geometrical patterns. I wonder if this could set a record in the total UFOs seen in one setting in one film? What are the UFOs trying to make clear to struggling humanity? My research and publications suggest the intelligent UFOs were involved in the creation, measuring and designing of our evolving Earth and the nine planets of our solar system. Scientists say the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, solar system is 5 billion years old and Big Bang is 13.75 billion years old.

  3. Kenneth Larson says:

    What is so puzzling is the first meteor that streaked across Russia around February 16, 2013, and exploded in the sky and injured people. A second fiery meteor streaked across America on March 22, 2013, seen by thousands from Canada to Florida. Astronomers said the first meteor came from the meteor field between the 4th planet Mars and the 5th planet Jupiter in our nine planet solar system. Apparently they are still trying to figure out where the second meteor came from. Keep tuned.

  4. Kenneth Larson says:

    I wanted to count the total objects seen by the couple and filmed near Kingman, Arizona, March 24, 2013, but the film changed around so that I couldn’t get a total count of the white objects. Has anybody been able to count all the objects? Has anybody been able to visit the reported UFO landing or crash site near Dillon, Montana, back on August 14, 1870 Is snowy weather and ice still a problem to look around and possibly dig at the site?

    • Administrator says:


      Thanks for sending your comments. A geology student visited the alleged UFO crash site near Dillon, MT. He found nothing unusual. The area looks to be a volcanic crater. A few “meteor fragments” were found there.

  5. Joel Wesley Small says:

    Birds in flight, especially the formations of them in flight are some of the most interesting and spectacular sights at times, and is why there are millions of people who are avid bird watchers! But is this group of objects shown in these photos birds, or something else? Unfortunately there is no way of telling for sure. I have heard that formations of some water birds such as seagulls have been known to fly into the interiors, as they did in Utah when the Mormons were fighting locusts and a huge flock of gulls descended and pretty much ate up their problem some time in the past. But do I think that these objects are birds? I could very well be wrong, but I don’t think so, but just what they really are is “up in the air”, so to speak! I am thankful that this couple at least demonstrated some active curiosity and bothered to film this phenomenon, because they make it possible for others to see something that deserves to be more closely looked at.

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