March 26, 2012 – Bunker, Missouri – Night

Game Camera Photo of Deer & Unknown Light.

Game Camera Photo of Deer & Unknown Light.

Description: This photo was taken on a deer cam in the woods, in Bunker, Missouri in March, 2012. There are normal deer pictures, then all of a sudden there is this strange cylindrical light that seems to be moving and it’s only in about 6 out of 200 shots. This web site only lets me upload a couple of pictures, but there are actually about 6 pictures. I wanted to send you pictures of before it showed up and how it moves around and after it disappeared.

Note: We are going to request the remainder of the photos mentioned by the witness. Further analysis will be performed on these photos. Updates will be posted. Also the date and time settings were likely incorrect on the date/time caption on the photo.

Note to Commenters: If you are reporting a sighting, be sure to include the location (city, state, country), date and time of your sighting. Be detailed in your description. You may also use our report form to report your sighting. Comments will be published if they are in "good taste" and not inflammatory.
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2 Responses to March 26, 2012 – Bunker, Missouri – Night

  1. Barb G says:

    I would like to see the remaining pictures too. Is this the same person that sent in some wildlife cam photos last year that also had a light source? There appears not to be any people around or the deer would have run for cover. Or we looking at some photo shop work?

    • Administrator says:

      The witness has sent more photos. They are currently being analyzed. Investigative results will be published soon. This is the first time this witness has sent any game camera photos. I have received several videos and photos from different game cameras. I don’t know if these photos were fabricated.

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