March 26, 2014 – Sprague River, Oregon – 1:15 PM PDT



Description: It softly rained today with intermittent stoppages. At one stoppage at nearly 1:15 in the afternoon I saw what looked like white smoke. It wasn’t a smoke, but perhaps a type of fog. The funny thing was that it was coming out of the ground from specific spots at the top left of our property. At one time this area was actively volcanic, but it isn’t these days. There is no volcanic physical activity nor are there earthquakes. I couldn’t believe how much of this fog was being emitted from this area. I hurried to get my camera, Ovilus, and to get my shoes on. I went outside with this stuff still spewing out of the ground. When I got closer it stopped. I used the Ovilus to see if there was a temperature change. I held the Ovilus from my hand fully extended downward toward the ground. A change in temperature from this distance wasn’t indicated, but the Ovilus did say “deep, girl, gray”. I took pictures of the area to see if the camera would pick-up any anomalies while I walked around the area. I paced the South side starting from about the middle to my left, then back to the right, then back down again. On my way down through a clearing I saw a sort of bell shaped object. It looked pretty big. To best describe what it looked like would be to say that it looked like frozen milk, but it was white rather than off-white. It was icy looking in it’s finish as though it was chiseled and, like frozen milk, it was opaque through semi-opaque. It was more translucent around the edges. I couldn’t see if was touching the ground because of the brush across it’s base. If it wasn’t touching the ground it was darned close. I turned away wanting to go to the top of the hill wanting to see if I could close in on it to get a shot, but instead I turned back toward it looking to see if it was still there and it was. I stared at it a while trying to see if it would react and tried to see if it was possible to make more observations. I didn’t observe any sound or anything else. I turned away rushing toward the top of the hill wanting to get a good shot. I couldn’t see it anymore. A car started to come up the road that would have put the car behind it. I turned back looking all-the-while to the South on the same route that I originally saw it, but I couldn’t see it any longer. I came back to the area and took more pictures of the area wondering if an orb or anything else would show itself. Maybe someone out there can tell me if there is something in these pictures or not, but the pictures I’m submitting show a blurred area in all of them. It looks like some type of distortion. I took some other shots that weren’t blurred, but I’m not submitting those. After I returned to the house I saw the fog start up again. It stopped shortly afterward. I physically shook for about 1 hour afterwards.

I took some photos of the area. I blew each up to fill my monitor then I scanned each quarter of the pictures. There are spots in them that look like light has been bent yet the shrubs to either side of the skewed area and in front or back is just fine. One of them has the pine trees in the right background bent then I took two pictures of a different area that were nearly ten feet apart. The same area in both pictures (mid-ground looks like light bent a certain section of the brush). Then I took another and off to my left in the foreground a bush is severely skewed yet everything next to it is fine. In each succeeding picture whatever it was seems to have been advancing towards me.

Note: We have received several reports from this witness in the past couple of years. The witness reported this sighting to MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) in Oregon and then later to UFOs Northwest. Oregon MUFON State Director, Tom Bowden investigated the case. His summary follows:

To be clear, I believe the witness is experiencing some genuine phenomenon. I also believe that she is a very spiritual person with some kind of openness to phenomenon of many kinds. But I do not necessarily believe that it is all related to UFOs. In the view of the witness, nearly all paranormal phenomenon (bigfoot, UFOs, orbs, spirit animals, etc.) are tied together. There may be some truth to this, but I am not convinced that all of her experiences are paranormal in nature.

This case is being classified as “Unknown – Other”. None of the usual IFO candidates offer a reasonable explanation for this sighting. The “Fog Effect” anomaly explanation remains a possibility, but there is not adequate time to research that possibility at this time.

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