March 27, 2012 – Lubbock, Texas – 9 PM CDT

Description: I saw a roundish object with blue lights. There was no blinking. It was just steady blue light. It was traveling northward over Lubbock, TX at a fast rate of speed. It took a sudden loop backwards, then the light went out. A moment later the blue lights came back on and the object appeared to be sitting in the sky motionless. The lights stayed on for a couple of seconds and went back off. You couldn’t see anything after the lights went off. I didn’t have time to get any video or picture. It was witnessed by 4 people that I know of.

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  1. L.C. says:

    I forgot to mention that we can’t seem to discern a shape of the object. The lights are very bright and are in either a square or triangle pattern depending on which lights are on. This object can move extremely fast and has been seen hovering, not too high above houses and then shooting very high in the air.

  2. L.C. says:

    We have witnessed a blue light over Lubbock as well. It seems to move sporadically fast, then slow and then hovering. It blinks sometimes and then goes out. We have seen it about 6 times since early April. It always appears around dusk and at night. We have taken video, stills and have tried to see it with binoculars. There seem to be 3 or 4 lights, blue, red, yellow, purple and maybe white too. It’s been seen by at least 12 people in my neighborhood which is around 98th and University. It is very intriguing!

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