March 27, 2015 – Burlington, Washington – 6:55 AM PDT



Description: I did not see while I encountered it. I took 4 pictures in a rapid succession of the sunrise over a hill the time stamps on all the pictures are 6:54 AM it was only abut 10 seconds at the most as the car I was in was driving east and I would soon have the hill in blocking my field of view. In the first 2 picture nothing unusual shows up. Then in the third photo you can see the object and in the 4th you can see it. There was a hole punched in the clouds above and below. It looks like some kind of exhaust or heat distortion is coming from below. The exhaust is seen through, but seems to be coming directly from whatever the heck I took a pictures of. It seems to have some kind of effect on the air coming from under the thing in a conical shape down to the trees and above them? I have seen many things especially over the past 3 years. This was something that I didn’t see AT ALL. I have never seen anything like it. I am willing to send the pictures. I don’t have the camera on me. It is at my girlfriend’s place.

Note: The witness sent two photos. The object discussed in his report shows up in both photos. The photos are out-of-focus. The object could be a bird, but is too far out-of-focus to make a positive identification.

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