March 29, 2012 – Lubbock, Texas – 8:37 PM CDT

Description: We had our second sighting in three days! OMG! We are getting a little freaked here. Tonight at approx 8:37 PM just as the sky was getting dark my husband and I are standing in our bathroom and I glance up at the skylight. As I am brushing my hair I see an object that appeared to be larger and closer than when we saw it two nights ago. It actually had red and blue and possibly yellow lights also. The other night it just appeared blue. The lights were not blinking. I yelled “look!” and my husband barely saw it as it went out of view. I said “run to the backyard!” and we yelled for our boys to come too. One of them didn’t see it the other night and didn’t believe us. We ran out the back door and at first didn’t see it, but then it lit up and now it was traveling back the other direction, not super fast like the other night, but faster than an airplane. There was no sound, just all the lights on, then all the lights turned off several times before it turned off and we saw nothing again. My husband and two sons saw it also. We were all astonished. My husband knows a lot about aircraft, and is absolutely sure it is not anything he knows of. It is able to turn direction on a dime at will at whatever speed it is going. It was in the same part of the sky where we saw it the first time. We waited and watched for a while after that to try and get a picture, but it didn’t come back.

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