March 3, 2015 – Moscow, Idaho – 8:05 PM MST



Description: I was driving to go return a movie, when I looked out my drive window I saw 3 red, orange glows in the skies. Then the glows would dim low to like a white star. My first thought was I was looking at glowing lanterns? Then I jumped out of my car and watched. One would fly off then go back sideways. I know a plane could not do that. Then they made a triangle formation. Then one started to fly toward my direction. I tried getting it on my phone. It looks like a white dot. But if you zoom in, it looks like disk object. I looked to see if anyone else saw it, but no. But if you look up Moscow UFO there was a witness in Tense/Moscow who got a good image. The image looked the same to what I saw.

Note: Photo enlargement and brightening reveals two oddly shaped objects. They don’t look like Chinese Lanterns. The third object referred to by the witness was not visible on the photo.

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