March 31, 2013 – Denver, Colorado – 12:17 MDT

Description: At approximately 12:17 AM MDT on March 31, 2013, I was on my balcony awaiting the arrival of a friend who was shortly getting off from work. I am a commercial pilot with nearly 3,000 flight hours and 30 years aviation experience. I am always looking skyward!

At the time, the skies were broken clouds, probably about 5,000 AGL (above ground level) with otherwise great visibility. I suddenly observed a bright object, nearly overhead, brilliant orange in the center with an opaque circumference. It was about dime sized from my view. It moved slowly southward, only momentarily and then headed east/northeast at a faster speed. This was not an airplane, helicopter, balloon, or airship. I estimate it’s altitude to be anywhere from 10,000 MSL (above sea level) to 60,000 MSL as I do not know the relative size of the object. If this was not a military aircraft of some type, it was not of this world. Were there any other sightings around Denver or the central U.S. last night or this morning?

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