March 31, 2013 – Irrigon, Oregon – 10:45 PM to 1:30 AM

Description: My boyfriend walked out onto the porch to have a cigarette. He noticed to the south and west of our location just above the tree line a red and green flashing light. Thinking it was a plane he didn’t think much of it. Then he realized even to the naked eye it was not moving just hovering and was flashing different colored lights. He called me to see it. It appeared as a object flashing green then red lights in a straight line. I went back in and got binoculars and spent the next 2 hours watching this thing. It was rectangular in shape from one visual orientation it had a red light on each corner with green lights through out what appeared to be almost a net like structure that rose from the rectangular base. It hovered for a long time in the same spot. We could see planes fly past it and they appeared as small as fleas in comparison. It’s lights then blinked out and it disappeared and then reappeared to the West at a higher elevation in the sky. What I do know is this was not a plane or helicopter or satellite, and it was nothing built by our world’s technologies. The green lights were like a maze of nets and pathways and I could see it clearly with the binoculars. I also called a friend of mine that lives 100 miles northwest of us and she was able to see it with the naked eye also.

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