March 4, 2012 – Fairbanks, Alaska – 7:30 PM Local Time


Description: A bright red and yellow fireball came up over a hill outside of town. It had a small orbiting light. It made zigzag maneuvers and rapidly ascended into the clouds until it disappeared. It was followed by three small fireballs performing similar maneuvers. I just saw this out front of a restaurant with about 15 other people. I noticed a couple people pulled over, staring and pointing. It was very alarming. I thought they might even be rockets or missles from Poker Flats NASA range until they stopped, hovered and moved around before zooming upward. The first fireball was bigger and it popped up over the hill. I thought it was an antennae light until it got brighter and was fading from deep red to orange. Then it started moving back and forth and I noticed a small blue blinking pinpoint light orbiting around it. It zoomed off into the clouds pretty quick. I was disappointed because I was running to grab everyone when it zipped off. I told them and they were like, huh whatever? Then three more came up over the hill. They were smaller but bright and they moved around even more crazy before zipping up into the clouds. Everyone saw that! I was at the Regency hotel, looking towards Fox.

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  1. Michael Wright says:

    I saw the exact same thing in Antioch, Ca 94509 at 10:45 PM PST. I have multiple witnesses. I also saw lights dropping from one of the lights that looked like flares.

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