March 6, 2015 – Montgomery, Texas – 9 PM CST

Description: The moon was a dark yellow, and next to the left of the moon there was a cloud-like rainbow. Another rainbow appeared and they both disappeared. Then a flashing star stayed in place for a while flashing bright white and red, moved around quickly and shot off across the lake. It came back and starting moving toward another flashing star. They circled each other and got incredibly small speeding off in the distance giving off a bright light. Then another rainbow light showed up in the same place that we first saw it, and again a fast blinking star came out of nowhere, and then another before they flew off into the distance. We tried to see them through the telescope, but they moved way to quickly to catch. Was it a coincidence that there were so many chem-trails over the lake and later on by the moon today? I think not.

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