March 6, 2015 – Spokane, Washington – 7:05 PM PST

Watch Edited Video Footage (YouTube):



Description: We observed bright orange orbs moving across the sky from the West to the East in succession (in a line). We noticed one then more and more (up to approximately 20 orbs). The orbs appeared to be glowing. It was interesting that the wind was blowing in the opposite direction that the orbs were moving so they seemed to be self propelled. The video attached to this report was edited to condense the length and magnify the orbs. Note: We had thought at first that the orbs might be Chinese lanterns, but discounted this because the glow of the orb was directly in the center, the orbs were perfectly round and they were traveling in the same direction against the wind. We also watched several videos of Chinese lanterns to compare and they did not look the same.

Note: A check of Spokane weather conditions revealed that skies were clear at both major airports at the time of the sighting. One airport reported calm winds and the other very light winds from the south-southwest. Winds in the lower atmosphere were primarily from the south to southwest and then “veered” to the west at about 5,000 feet. It is not known how high that the orbs were, but if they were 5,000 feet or more they would have been moving in the direction of the wind. The witnesses observed that the orbs were moving towards the east. However, I agree with the witnesses that the orbs were likely not Chinese Lanterns as they don’t fit the behavior. The light in the center of the orbs is most intriguing.

Update – March 22, 2015: Witness stated that this sighting was similar to a report from Greenbank, Washington on July 3, 2011. Click here to read this report.

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3 Responses to March 6, 2015 – Spokane, Washington – 7:05 PM PST

  1. terry savage says:

    I saw exactly the same thing on 8 march at 9:37 PM in same formation as your picture shows. There were 2 lights or orbs flying towards the East Coast of UK quite fast and they looked very odd? I also saw another single light traveling beneath it about quarter of mile in front of the other two.

  2. Jack L. Metcalfe says:

    The flickering, to me, indicates a flame & likely Chinese Lanterns. Also, the close up images appear to be out of focus.

    • Administrator says:

      I don’t think these are Chinese Lanterns because they simply do not look like it. This is also what the witnesses thought. They looked at videos of Chinese Lanterns and said that these were much different. Also the objects were moving east. The winds aloft were from the south up to about 6,000 feet where they veered to the west-southwest. I don’t think that these objects were that high. Therefore they were not drifting with the wind.

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