March 8, 2013 – Chilliwack, British Columbia, Canada – 1 PM PST



Description: I took these photos using a Cannon EOS T3 digital camera with a 18 to 55 MM lens. As you can see it was a clear day. On the first 5 photos I was driving west on Highway 1 around 1 PM. I was just past Chilliwack, BC and heading for Abbotsford, BC when I took these photos. I was snapping photos of the countryside and it wasn`t until a couple days later when I reviewed the photos of that day that I had caught something big on photo number 5. When I saw that, I emailed the photo to the Vancouver Planetarium and Space Center thinking it might have been the space station, but they assured me that it wasn`t because the station is not visible during the day. However they had no idea what it was. The last two photos were taken two weeks later a few miles west from where I took the others it was around 11 AM. I hope these photos will be of interest to your group.

Witness Response to Questions: Hello William. No, I didn`t hear anything and I was driving 60 MPH down the freeway at the time so I was more focused on just snapping the photos. It wasn’t until a few days later that I noticed these anomalies in the photos and to me being here in the Fraser Valley near the Abbotsford airport I get to see a lot of different types of airplanes and nothing comes close to what is on those photos. Also we are in the flight path of American bombers flying from Alaska to Idaho or North Dakota and as high as they fly you can still make out a shape and I believe what I got was a lot higher and bigger than them. I don’t know if you can make it out in my photo the shape is all wrong for a plane to be able to fly that high. My first impression was that it was the space station and I sent the photo to the Vancouver Planetarium and Space Center and they told me that while the station did pass over the area it was early in the morning not at the time when I took the photos and that it was impossible to see the station during the day and that they had no idea what it was. Now I am like you in that I went through what it might be and eliminating them as I went. Having been interested in the whole UFO controversy since the 60’s I have seen a fair number of photos of UFO’s, but I have seen nothing like what I have and the one conclusion that I and the people that I have talked about these photo’s is that whatever it was, was very big and very high up because it is the only thing in the photo that is out of focus so it was past infinity on my camera. The other thing is that I always hear on the TV shows on UFO’s is that nearly all the photo’s are of lights at night so that making out details is very hard, but I will leave it in your hands. Maybe there are photos on file at MUFON to match these. It was pleasure hearing back from you especially being on Easter weekend.

Additional Comments From Witness: William: It can’t be a motion blur because 99% of the photo is crystal clear and you can’t have one item in that photo be blurry. I know because I have taken a couple of thousand photos while driving and those that have motion blur the whole photo is a blur or it is completely in focus. Plus I believe the altitude of the object is too high for helicopters and also the only helicopter around here that is the biggest is the Sikorski dual rotor helicopter that they use for hauling logs, but that type of logging isn’t done in March because of the snow still on the mountains. Plus when I magnified the photo I could not see any rotors. Remember I didn’t see the object and then photographed it. I photographed the highway and the surrounding country side and it was only later that I saw it. Also I did some test shots with my three hundred MM lens and my 55 MM lens and I couldn’t get that effect with planes at different altitudes. Finally if it was a helicopter the space center would have said so, but they didn’t. They classified it as unknown.

Hi William: As I stated before I took these photos while driving on the highway so my attention was on the road ahead and snapping the photos. Had I seen these objects first I would have pulled off the highway and put my telephoto lens on. What I can say is that I have seen every helicopter in the Fraser Valley and there is nothing here with that kind of paraphernalia under it or comes even close to it in size. The other thing is the other objects that I photographed before that are equally as baffling because I have never seen anything like them before. So if you take all 5 photos together, you have say that what I got was not normal aircraft. But if you want to say that it was a helicopter, we will have to leave it at that.

Note: I think that the object is a helicopter. The blades can be faintly seen. However, given that the witness did not hear anything casts some doubt on this explanation. The object is out of focus and was taken with a telephoto lens attached to a Canon EOS T3 camera.

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  1. Mr.Doubtfire says:

    Looks so much like a chip in the windshield?

    • Administrator says:

      That is a possibility? The photographer was a film professional, but I suppose even the “smartest” can be fooled.

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