March 8, 2015 – Green Lake (Seattle, Washington) – 3:15 PM PDT

Watch Frames Extracted From Video of Object (YouTube):

Listen to Clip of Recorded Interview (YouTube):



Description: The witness called and report his sighting a day after it occurred. He was waiting at a bus stop and saw a stationary object high in the blue sky. He snapped a photo with a high resolution cell phone camera (Samsung Galaxy S5). Considerable enlargement (see above) revealed an object of “somewhat” triangular shape (rounded edges on apexes). He then took a video with his cell phone (high definition). A look at individual frames revealed an object that moved through the field of view in less than 1/3 second. (See footage above).

Note: I don’t believe that the object is a bird or insect in the video. It is moving too fast and it is in focus. It is a little early in the year for insects to be flying in Seattle. The temperature was about 60 degrees and the wind was from the northwest at 6 MPH.

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