March 9, 2012 – Tillamook, Oregon – 8 PM PDT

Description: While riding in a car with six people just north of Tillamook, Oregon on freeway heading south I looked up to the left and saw an oval large object in sky about hundred feet in elevation. It made no noise or movement. Three rows of bright glowing lights circled the shape of the craft. They did not flash. I was fearful and turned my head to the right and saw a second craft hovering at a higher elevation above the ocean. It appeared identical to the first craft, but was obscured by fog. The next day when I asked a clerk at a local store about strange sightings in Tillamook, Oregon he told me he sees similar unexplained objects frequently and people in the area usually dismiss sightings and make excuses that don’t fit.

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  1. Paul Carr says:

    We are investigating a March, 2012 case in the same part of Oregon with similar phenomenology.
    Aerial Phenomenon Investigation Team.

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